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Ok how about this; there are two kinds of engineers, the robe ones with circular ships, and the armored ones with croissant ships. These guys are at war, and they have biological weapons only (because even that if it stated that croissant ship is an army ship it doesn’t show a mechanism of protection against Prometheus)

Robe guys engineer us as a weapon, adaptable and intelligent; and they were teaching us where to attack (all the archaeological findings have the same planet drawing thingy that actually seems to be an army facility) that’s why armored guy kills everyone; he’s destroying his enemy’s weapon.

Armored guys have this black goo as a hardcore berserker potion that changes you into a killing machine with acid blood (remember that the white worm just killed the dumb biologist it didn’t impregnate him with a new form of alien; no new weapons can be made).

Then both weapons get mixed in Shaw, making the sperm of Holloway a killing machine but Shaw’s body tries to embrace it as a baby, which was removed in a violent way (babies are just early weapons from the robe guys; human kind is a renewable weapon).

So we have this new killing machine that is made to procreate more killing machines that can adapt and are intelligent (because its an evolved berserker sperm; Goo+human) and that is what facehuggers/xenomorphs are; the first is just made to impregnate and the other is the killing machine.

And the stone-head room is actually a test room, which would be a safe place if the goo broke outside (if nothing can go out, nothing that raw can come in) so the guys on a pile were berserker engineers that killed each other after they were left out.

Shaw ended being a confused weapon, but a weapon after all.

The engineer from the Alien movie found an evolved alien on his recognition mission and thought of using this new weapon, but it ended killing everybody so the ship crashed on some other planet; the warning signal is meant for another engineers because this weapon is far more dangerous and cannot be controlled and everyone should stay away.


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The world doesn’t like you, the world doesn’t know about your existence, and it won’t notice when you leave it; there’s no denial, no complain, no minutes at your back. Just a blowing wind, it would take you apart from living.

And no one cares enough to say hello. Its just a way of telling we don’t care which face you looking at, none of them knows you, none of them realizes you’re there, and for that matters none of them cares if you are alive now or dead before you read this lines.

Are we just crates? Empty living crates who think life is easy, who think life is granted for us all, and for that we would never have to worry for changes, cause those things won’t get us, the same way I can’t get you.  But that is because none of us reach out for you. Because we do not care to reach and we do not care of those reaching ones; we make ourselves cold as we can, and we are burning slowly inside; consuming ourselves, hoping for someone who lit us up. Someone to bury us. Maybe someday, someday we would find such thing, but while we wait we shall roam in the nothingness of this miserable life.

Fading away, we are disappearing, chasing everything but dreams, maybe chasing time while it pass us trough.

It’s been four hours and twenty-eight minutes past the midnight, and we are living for nothing, asleep maybe, we are just shadows for sure.

Someone out there has the taste for us, but we never know. There are so many different people. I am sure I can’t rely on you. You will never be what I want you to be, and I can’t be whatever you expect me to be, I been broken for so long, who would know if I have a fix, I’m just waiting. For what? I don’t know and I don’t care.

Life is such a waste, and you better enjoy wasting it, because that’s all about. Enjoying whatever you have, whatever you like.

But what if I get to like you. How could I ever enjoy you?  This life isn’t for living, who would deserve to have it? Maybe a sailor, a knight or a homeless caveman, you make your choice.

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I’m near you.

I feel like home.

I know we can’t be together.

I am lost.

The world is numb without you.

I am dust.

When you are far away.

Cut the distance.

Let our time forever be.

Don’t let the tall shadow.


Be part of me.

Don’t leave now.

Never leave.

Let me be.

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